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The Board of Management

The Board of Management

The Association is governed by a group of people from the local community. They give their time voluntarily, and it is their job to make Policy and develop a workable Business Plan, make sure the Association is run properly, as a viable business, and within the boundaries of the law and regulation. Board members possess a wide range of skills and experience, which all combine to make an effective unit. There are normally two tenants of the Association, and two representatives from the Isle of Wight Council, on the Board.

The Board currently meets every six to eight weeks. In addition to dealing with routine matters, each meeting is generally around a particular theme of either:

  • Governance, Policy, and Strategy, or
  • Finance, or
  • Housing management and maintenance, or
  • Best Value and Continuous Improvement

There is also a Finance Committee, which meets half-yearly to review the annual audited accounts with the Auditors, budgets for the forthcoming year, treasury management, and staffing matters.

Sub-groups are formed from time to time to consider specific topics delegated to them by the main board.

All these bodies comprise members of the Board itself, and their deliberations are referred to the Board.

Board Member Profiles

George Hibberd , MBE - Chairman
MA YOB 1947.
Retired local solicitor, recruited to enhance legal experience on the Board. Part-time Chairman of Appeals Service. Former Chairman, Earl Mountbatten Hospice (I.W.). Member of Standards Committee, IW Council. School Governor. Former Trustee, Brading Roman Villa (Trust). Original board member of Vectis HA.

Michael Starke
YOB 1943
Freelance Journalist. Wide experience in public sector (national and local media, and Parish Council).

James Jones
YOB 1938
Retired architect. Wide experience in building and associated activities. Churchwarden.

Raymond Wheeler
YOB 1927
Retired Engineering Director with GKN Westlands (formerly Saunders Roe and British Hovercraft Corporation). Author. Former Chairman I.W. College of Art and Technology. Many years service in other public sector activities, mainly educational.

Michael Ward - Vice Chairman
YOB 1955
Independent Financial Adviser. Past President of Ryde Round Table (now honorary member). Past President Ryde Inshore Rescue. Vice President Ryde Rowing Club. Chairman of Vectis HA Finance Committee. Served for five years on Medina Borough Council until MBC dissolved in 1995, and past Board Member of the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce. Hobbies are motor boating around the Solent, DIY, walking, cycling and local community activities.

Grenville Ball
YOB 1943
Retired Personel Administration Officer, GKN Westlands. Extensive experience in dealing with people and their problems.

Paul Court
YOB 1937.
Tenant Board member. Past member of Institute of Purchase and Supply. Diploma in business management. Member Wroxall PCC. Active involvement in local community projects and organisations, and in encouraging greater resident involvement in the affairs of the Association.

Kirstie O'Callaghan
YOB 1983
Tenant Board Member. Currently studying for a degree in psychology with the Open University.

Robert Biggs RIBA
YOB 1949
Local practising architect, with considerable experience of housing association development. Recruited to enhance technical expertise in this, and associated areas. Past president Newport Rotary Club

Jenny Bond
YOB 1954
Licensed Conveyancer. Associate of the Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Retired). Past Chairman of school Board of Governors

Christopher Squibb , MBE
YOB 1942
Retired Engineering Manager, Bus Company. Chairman, National Assoication of Retired Firefighters (IOW Division).
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