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New homes planned

Over the past seventeen years, we have built, or otherwise purchased, some 190 homes on the Island. We focus on small community environments, and none of our estates is larger than 28 homes, with the average size being ten to twelve. We also place great emphasis on the quality of what we provide.

At the present time, grant funding from the Government is effectively only made available to a very limited number of large housing associations (and now some developers in the private sector) around the country. For those associations like ours, it is therefore necessary to work with one or more of those organisations in order to continue to provide the new homes that are needed. That is why in 2006 we joined the Wessex (now Source) Development Partnership. This is a consortium of ten housing associations working in the south of England. It is led by the Spectrum Housing Group, based in Christchurch, and has the necessary authority to receive and distribute housing grants allocated to it by the Housing Corporation (now the Homes and Communities Agency). Vectis will use this relationship in order to continue with its development strategy, and provide more new permanent homes over the coming years. (See News section for more details)

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